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Yoooooooo….back with a new mix for you as I’ve been in the studio finishing up The Sinister Theory album with Wildelux & working on other joints of mine that’z coming soon. Aiight let’z get into the raw core right here on Preserving The Culture. Wooooord up! Shout out to A-FS!!

— DJ Lord Ron

Preserving The Culture Mixtape #102 features the Artists:

1) Preserving The Culture Intro (Produced by DJ Lord Ron)

2) K Yo 7 Drop

3) MF Doom

4) Hus The Kingpin

5) Mausberg feat., 2nd II Done & Playa Hamm

6) The Beatnuts

7) Martin Lawrence

8) The Lady of Rage

9) Agallah feat., City Lights

10) Queen Kandi Cole

11) Jakk Frost

12) Lewis Parker, Trac & John Robinson

13) Rob C feat., Ambassador Rick

14) John Robinson & PVD

15) Outro!!!!

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Back at’cha with a new mix and this time I brought the dope DJ JiJi Sweet of the Sis-tem Crew along to rock & we both decided on some home cookin’ of a West Coast Cali recipe with the past & present music of some joints we like. BANG this in ya system & loud!!! As always. Thanx to ALL who support these PTC mixes. Aiight, let’s get into the mix.

Follow JiJi’s Twitter at: @JIJISWEET & she stays very busy rockin the 1’s & 2’s. Check her official website for info/details re her shows, mixes and bookings at

—- DJ Lord Ron

Preserving The Culture Mixtape #101
“Tha West Side Mix” Tracklist & Artists Feature:

****** (WEST UP) SIDE A ******
1. YG: Who Do You Love
2. Kid Ink: Main Chick
3. Mally Mall: Wake Up In It
4. Kandi Cole: Back N The Day
5. Miss Bliss: Ronnie
6. YG: I Just Wanna Party f. Schoolboy Q
7. E-40: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
8. AVLMKR: Run Me My Money
9. New Boyz: FMS
10. Will.I.AM: F eelin Myself
11. Dawn Gun: Mary Jane Girlz Treemix
12. Schoolboy Q: Break The Bank
13. Problem: Too On To Be Off
14. Oracle: Hardwerk

****** (THA “W”) SIDE B ******

1. Paris
2. N. W. A.
3. Compton Most Wanted
4. Ice Cube
5. Digital Underground
6. Above The Law
7. Tupac Shakur
8. Compton Most Wanted
9. Outro!!

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Preserving The Culture is back with a new mix. Big up and respects to many solid artists in the Reggae, Conscience, Dance Hall arena. I’ve been a fan of the culture since 1973. Vibe with me on this freestyle DJ mix. #99!
                                                           —DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mix #99 features:
1) Preserving The Culture Intro (DJ Kut’z / Produced by DJ Lord Ron)
2) Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
3) Mr. Vegas
4) Buju Banton
5) General Degree
6) Beenie Man
7) Baby Cham
8) Beenie Man
9) Frisco Kid
10) I-Roy
11) Eric Donaldson
12) UB40
13) Five Steez PTC Drop
14) General Degree feat., Chrissy D
15) Sean Paul
16) Capleton
17) Papa San
18) Super Cat
19) Wildelux PTC Drop
20) Yami Bolo
21) Bob Marley & The Wailers
22) Pinchers
23) PTC Outro!!
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Temptations Pimp Look 
Here is the first mixtape for the new year & PTC is 3 away from the BIG 100!!. #97 is about new and past joints. We appreciate your ears no doubt. Once again, happy new year & ride with PTC for the seasons cause it’s about the art…the musik. Peace to you and you!

                               -DJ Lord Ron

PTC Mixtape #97 features the artists:

1) Preserving The Culture Intro (Produced by DJ Lord Ron)

2) Ellis

3) NC Abram

4) Amari Mar

5) Agallah feat., Masta Ace

6) Richard Pryor

7) Ellis

8) Dred Scott

9) Danny Brown

10) DJ Premier Instrumental

11) Eloh Kush PTC Drop

12) Agallah feat., J-Liquor

13) Ellis feat., Legin

14) PTC Outro!!

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As promised….here is part II of Preserving The Culture’s 2nd Annual TOP 50 Songs for 2013. Once again. Thanx for rockin’ with us….Aiight let’s get into these dope joints. Peace!
                                                            —DJ Lord Ron
Part 2 of 2: 
The 2nd Annual Preserving The Culture “TOP 50″ Songs of 2013:
0) Preserving The Culture Intro (Produced by DJ Lord Ron)
1) Jeru Da Damaja – Solar Flares
2) Mad Man Da God – A Day in The Life
3) Barsha feat., A.G. – Green Trees
4) Agallah feat., Pop Off – Sky High
5) Longevity feat., AceyAlone – Get it From Me
6) H.A.P.H. – Modus Operandi Main
7) Ruste Juxx & VS The Best – Devastating
8) Dirty Bars Crew – Hi-Caliber
9) Kamala – Modelo Music
10) D Strong feat., feat., Apani B, John Robinson & Chinch 33 – The Knock
11) Kush – Lazarus
12) Madflow – Dreamin’
13) Jakk Frost – I Throw Brix From A Glass House
14) Pawz One feat., Masta Ace & Ariano – The Luv (Remix)
15) A-FS 201-973 – 1 Train Freestyle
16) Big Doxx feat., Bossie Mossie – Paper Thin
17) Shawn Pen feat., Malik Yusef & Styles P – Bout’ That Life
18) Ayatollah feat., Bin Grim – My City
19) Koncept feat., Reks – Give It Up
20) The Audible Doctor feat., J-Nics – Bars of Death
21) King Shampz & Azzan – Journey Thru The Life
22) Charmingly Ghetto – OMB
23) Khaleel – Nobody Tryna’ Hear Ya
24) Earl Sweatshirt & Tyler The Creator – Whoa
25) Marco Polo & Hannibal Stax – Field Nigga
PTC Outro
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Yoooooo…..Happy holidays to those who embrace the season & a big shout out to A-FS & myself as we rep the Sagittarian energy. Happy birthday to all Sagittarians… May your cup run over with good cheers. My cup was nice & filled with egg nog & brandy when I did this mix yesterday….so kick back & ride out…lounge out to this egg nog brandy mix…Wooooooord!……..Respects to you and your love ones….I’m outro.
                                                           — DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mixtape #96 Features the artists:
1) Preserving The Culture Intro – (Produced by DJ Lord Ron)
2) Charmingly The Ghetto drop
3) PTC Warning
4) ill Brown
5) Alchemist & Agallah feat., Roc Marciano
6) Lil Dap drop
7) Phalo Pantoja feat., Wyld Bunch, Skanks, Raf, Milez Grimez & Ruste Juxx
8) First Division feat., Torae
9) DJ Bob E drop
10) Jakk Frost
11) Pawz One feat., Masta Ace & Ariano
12) Roc Marciano feat., Wyld Bunch (DJ Brans Remix)
13) Richard Pryor
14) John Robinson drop
15) Doxola
16) Roc Marciano feat., Hus (DJ Brans Remix)
17) King Shampz & Azzan
18) PTC Outro
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Peace, peace. 5 more to go and bam!!…100….From now on each mixtape will feature a joint from the True Skool generation and I’m talking about the very beginnings. Dedications & Tribute mixes will be about that artist(s). Aiight let’z get into the grooves & THANX for ridin’ with A-FS & I. Preciate ya ears.
                                                         —-DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mixtape #95 features:
1) Preserving The Culture Intro ( DJ Kut’z & Beat by DJ Lord Ron)
2) Charmingly Ghetto
3) MC Shan (True Kool Respects)
4) Warning Drop
5) Soul King feat., Brian James
6) Marco Polo feat., MC Eiht, King Tee & DJ Revolution
7)  Roc Marciano feat., Knowledge The Pirate
8)  Kamala
9) Melachi The Nutcracker
10) Ruste Juxx & VS The Best
11) Artifacts
12) Dirty Bars Crew
13) Angelz Inc. Drop
14) D Strong feat., Apani B, John Robinson & Chinch 33
15) Roc Marciano
16) Outro!!!!
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Yoooooo it’z that time to get my turntables tuned up. I treaded lightly on this mixtape, mistakes and all. Congrats to the Boston Redsox on their W.S. championship. Football in full grid action & now Basketball as we rock this Fall season.
That’z how we do here for all seasons. PTC is gunnin’ for 100 mixes but until then, turn it up loud with this freestyle DJ mix by your’s truly. Outro!
                                                         DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mixtape #94 features the artists:
1) Preserving The Culture Intro (Kut’z and Beat produced by DJ Lord Ron)
2) Charmingly Ghetto Drop
3) Ruste Juxx & VS The Best
4) Dirty Bars Crew
5) Kamala
6) Group Home feat., Guru & Big Shug
7) Guru
8) Lil Dap Drop
9) D Strong feat., Apani B Fly, John Robinson & Chinch 33
10) Ruste Juxx & VS The Best feat., Chip Fu & Brother J
11) Doxola, Boogie & No Sleep
12) Dana Scott Drop
13) Madflow
14) Prince Paul feat., Breeze, Sha & Superstar
15) A Tribe Called Quest
16) Ruste Juxx & VS The Best
17) Outro!!
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Peace, peace. PTC is taking back to one of the best groups ever in hip hop culture. Salute to EPMD & DJ’s Diamond J,  K-La Boss & DJ Scratch. This dedication mix are some of my favorite joints from Parrish Smith & Erick Sermon even though their catalog is XTRA LARGE. Bang this & ride 2 this. Seven more 2 go & PTC will make Los Angeles hip hop history with 100 mixtapes. Give respects to my homie A-FS. Let’z get into the musik. I’m outro!
                                                   —DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mixtape #93 is a dedication to Long Island’s very own. The notorious EPMD
No tracklisting…..Just dig the rough, rugged & raw.
Salute to the Hit Squad/Def Squad: Redman, Das EFX, K Solo, Keith Murray, Hurricane G & other past members.
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Peace, peace. This go round is about the beatz. Check this DJ freestyle blend mix by your’s truly of instrumentals for ya mental. Fall back & zone out with the hard beatz. The Fall is here & PTC is straight gunnin’ for 100 mixtapes like a run n’ gun NBA team. See ya on the next mix. I’m outro!
                                                             —DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mixtape #92 features:
1) PTC Intro produced by DJ Lord Ron
2) Produced by Chyskillz & DJ Jam Master Jay
3) Produced by DJ Premier
4) Produced by Lewis Parker
5) Produced by DJ Premier
6) Produced by Organized Noize
7) Produced by Havoc
8) Produced by Buckwild
9) Produced by Daddy-O & Audio Two
10) Produced by A-Plus
11) Produced by Longevity, Peyote Cody & Siggy
12) Produced by DJ Premier
13) Produced by Que & Ninja B
14) Produced by Kenny Parker
15) Produced by Havoc
16) Produced by Pete Rock
17) Produced by DJ Premier
18) Produced by Earthtone Ideas
19) PTC Outro Produced by Miles Davis
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