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Yoooooo…..Happy holidays to those who embrace the season & a big shout out to A-FS & myself as we rep the Sagittarian energy. Happy birthday to all Sagittarians… May your cup run over with good cheers. My cup was nice & filled with egg nog & brandy when I did this mix yesterday….so kick back & ride out…lounge out to this egg nog brandy mix…Wooooooord!……..Respects to you and your love ones….I’m outro.
                                                           — DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mixtape #96 Features the artists:
1) Preserving The Culture Intro – (Produced by DJ Lord Ron)
2) Charmingly The Ghetto drop
3) PTC Warning
4) ill Brown
5) Alchemist & Agallah feat., Roc Marciano
6) Lil Dap drop
7) Phalo Pantoja feat., Wyld Bunch, Skanks, Raf, Milez Grimez & Ruste Juxx
8) First Division feat., Torae
9) DJ Bob E drop
10) Jakk Frost
11) Pawz One feat., Masta Ace & Ariano
12) Roc Marciano feat., Wyld Bunch (DJ Brans Remix)
13) Richard Pryor
14) John Robinson drop
15) Doxola
16) Roc Marciano feat., Hus (DJ Brans Remix)
17) King Shampz & Azzan
18) PTC Outro
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