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Aiight, what’z up my people’z….here is PTC Mix #70 for ya dome piece. This year of 2012 is pretty much a wrap. On behalf of myself and A-FS. We want to big you up and salute to you…you…you & you for the thorough support. It’z appreciate it. Looking forward to 2013 and rockin’ with everybody. PEACE & HAPPY HOLIDAYZ!! All the best to man, woman & child who have been hit hard by “Sandy” back East. May the most high be with you & shine divine light on you as you recover to get your life back to normality.
                            –DJ Lord Ron
Mix #70 features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) NC Abram Drop
3) Royal Flush (DJ Lord Ron Produced Remix)
4) Doxola feat., A-FS, NC Abram & No Sleep
5) Lil Fame & Termanology
6) Kev Hutch
7) Derek Strong Drop
8) Astro Vandalist feat., Derek Strong
9) GZA feat., Killah Priest
10) Bronson & DJ Izzy
11) Dirty Bars Crew Drop
12) Lil Fame & Termanology
13) Mykill Miers feat., LMNO
14) Rasco feat., Pody Mouf
15) Soul King Drop
16) Soul King
17) Bin Yaqub Grim & Pow Anoli Shadowz
18) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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Yoooooo what’z good to my peoples. Back from the Bay Area and I wanna give a shout out to Kinto Sol who rocked the Elbo Room in San Francisco. Shout to the legendary Fred Wesley who rocked the Mezzanine club with his new JB’s and with three original  legends who were a part of James Brown’s rhythm section in Jabo Starks, Fred Thomas & Clyde Stubblefield. In the meantime, this short quick 21 minute live mix from the Cohibas club in Long Beach was recorded on October 30, 2012. I’ll be back with a new PTC Mix of all new jointz next week. Peace & rock on into the future of four more with President Obama. Stand up and be accountable with your votes. Word!
                           –DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mix #69 features:
1) O.C.
6) BIG L
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