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American sportscaster Jayne Kennedy

Peace, peace. Here it is, ONE HUNDRED. Thanx to all who supported what A-FS and I have been doing since April 11, 2011, when A-FS asked me about doing these mixes for his Preserving The Culture site. My format is very basic. Much like the format of the mixtapes from back in the 90’s. It’s all about the musik. I dedicate, do tributes, spin the classics & break new/spin new joints. Not just hip hop. Look into the archived mixes right here on the site.
That’s why I decided to spin this House musik mix. To show people my DJ freestyle does not stop at hip hop. I respect House, Disco, Soul, R&B, whatever is dope. This mix is dedicated to the ladies who are working out in the gyms or at home or at the clubs dancing. This mix will get the blood flowing and heart pumpin. Stay tuned for more various genres from me & PTC. Once again, THANX for ridin’ with Preserving The Culture mixes. Let’s get into the musik. Woooord.
                                                    —- DJ Lord Ron
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