Preserving The Culture Mix 102 By @djlordron 4/21/14

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Culture, D.J. Lord Ron, Exclusive!, Hip Hop, Music, New Ish
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Yoooooooo….back with a new mix for you as I’ve been in the studio finishing up The Sinister Theory album with Wildelux & working on other joints of mine that’z coming soon. Aiight let’z get into the raw core right here on Preserving The Culture. Wooooord up! Shout out to A-FS!!

— DJ Lord Ron

Preserving The Culture Mixtape #102 features the Artists:

1) Preserving The Culture Intro (Produced by DJ Lord Ron)

2) K Yo 7 Drop

3) MF Doom

4) Hus The Kingpin

5) Mausberg feat., 2nd II Done & Playa Hamm

6) The Beatnuts

7) Martin Lawrence

8) The Lady of Rage

9) Agallah feat., City Lights

10) Queen Kandi Cole

11) Jakk Frost

12) Lewis Parker, Trac & John Robinson

13) Rob C feat., Ambassador Rick

14) John Robinson & PVD

15) Outro!!!!

Download Links:

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