Preserving The Culture Mix 92 By D.J. Lord Ron (Instrumentals) 10/14/13

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Classick!, Culture, Exclusive!, Hip Hop, Music, New Ish
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Peace, peace. This go round is about the beatz. Check this DJ freestyle blend mix by your’s truly of instrumentals for ya mental. Fall back & zone out with the hard beatz. The Fall is here & PTC is straight gunnin’ for 100 mixtapes like a run n’ gun NBA team. See ya on the next mix. I’m outro!
                                                             —DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mixtape #92 features:
1) PTC Intro produced by DJ Lord Ron
2) Produced by Chyskillz & DJ Jam Master Jay
3) Produced by DJ Premier
4) Produced by Lewis Parker
5) Produced by DJ Premier
6) Produced by Organized Noize
7) Produced by Havoc
8) Produced by Buckwild
9) Produced by Daddy-O & Audio Two
10) Produced by A-Plus
11) Produced by Longevity, Peyote Cody & Siggy
12) Produced by DJ Premier
13) Produced by Que & Ninja B
14) Produced by Kenny Parker
15) Produced by Havoc
16) Produced by Pete Rock
17) Produced by DJ Premier
18) Produced by Earthtone Ideas
19) PTC Outro Produced by Miles Davis
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