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Peace, peace. Thanx for ridin’ with A-FS and myself as we give you the classic joints and breakin’ these new joints. Summer is about done but this mix has some new dope joints for you to bang out in ya systems. 11 away from 100!!!+. And we give thanx!
                                                                          —- DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mixtape #89 Features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Gee-O Intro Drop
3) C Rayz Walz feat., L.I.F.E. Long, John Robinson & Jasiri X
4) DJ Dister feat., Kool Keith
5) Pawz One, Default & DJ Breeze
6) Derek Strong Drop
7) DJ Dister feat., Lil Dap
8) Jeru Da Damaja (Produced by Large Pro)
9) K.S. aka Krumbsnatcha
10) Wildelux Drop
11) Doxola
12) Jack The Ripper (Of Brainsick Mob)
13) Lil Dap
14) Audible Doctor feat., Edo G
15) Soul King Drop
16) FiveSteez feat., Inztinkz – Propheticz (Gee-O Remix)
17) DJ Dister feat., Maffew Ragazino
18) Rapsody (Produced by DJ Premier)
19) Pawz One, Default & DJ Breeze
20) Wyld Bunch feat., Hannibal Stax & Venom
21) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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Yes, yes. PTC is back with another sure shot. Turn ya volume UP!!!! and wild out to this mix, as the Summer is coming to a closed season but it ain’t over yet. Power to the people. Peace!……..And oh yea, this is a DJ freestyle mix like the other 87 mixes. Salute to the true DJs!!!
                                                                    —DJ Lord Ron
PTC #88 Mixtape features:
This Mixtape is dedicated to my brother Triple Ace who is a OG B-Boy from the late 70’s to now. Word!
1) Tek Da Supah Latin
2) Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
3) Big Daddy Kane
4) Tek Da Supah Latin, Dawn Gun & Derek Strong PTC Drop
5) Eric B & Rakim
6) Roxanne Shanté
7) Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
8) LL Cool J
9) Five Steez PTC Drop
10) Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
11) Ice T & The Rhyme Syndicate Posse
12) Eric B & Rakim
13) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off….
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