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Peace, peace. Happy New Year. PTC is appreciative of those who listened to the mixtapes that we provided in 2012. On the behalf of A-FS and myself. Thank you!
We are just trying to add on to the culture of hip hop by contributing at best, and our mind state here regarding PTC is about weekly mixes/interviews. Expect to see more interviews from many artists in 2013 & of course, more mixes. This is the 1st Annual Top 50 and it’s only a compiled list. NOT a mix. My criteria regarding selected songs to make the top 50 is based on the joints that I had in the MIX & it’s based on their production, lyrics & song concepts. Big up to the selected artists on the 1st Annual PTC Top 50 Hip Hop Jointz of 2012!!!!! & big up to those artists who did submit musik or I found on my own as they were a LOT of dope musik in 2012 from the Indie side of biz, word up. This is Part One counting down #’s 50 – 26, So Press play! Part Two Is coming Next week, I’m out for now.
                                                                                                                                — DJ Lord Ron
NOTE: This compiled list is in no particular order re number status of songs.
26)   Return of The Assassin by Montage One
27)   The Romans by Bin Grim & Pow Shadowz
28)   M.A.R.S. feat., Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon by Large Professor
29)   The Nigga In Me (Tyler The Creator & Fat Trel Diss) by Rah Digga
30)   Rhett Committed Murder by Brown Bag All-Stars
31)   Road To Perdition by Derek Strong
32)   Bring It feat., LMNO by Mykill Miers
33)   Honor by Soul King
34)   What You Know feat., Pody Mouf by Rasco
35)  Let It Go feat.,Planet Asia, Phil Da Agony, DJ Lime Green by Azma
36)   Genuine feat., Blacastan & Wise Intelligent by The Audible Doctor
37)   Get Up by Brian James
38)   Invincible Sons All by D Strong & Dave Sparks
39)   For The Love by Madflow
40)   Note To My Father by Eloh Kush of Angelz Inc.
41)   Music With A Msg by NC Abram
42)   Days Go By by Rich Malone
43)   No More feat., Trumayne by Big Shug
44)   Walk With Me by Showbiz & A.G.
45)   Something In Me by Wyld Bunch
46)   Make The Sound by Rhymefest
47)   Irene feat., Roc Marciano by Brugal & Presidents
48)   Half Black Half Japanese feat John Robinson by I.G. Culture
49)   Mirage by DJ Lord Ron & Wildelux
50)   Heavy feat., Prince Po by Gensu Dean
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Yooooo Happy New Year!! I hope your holiday season was a good one with your love ones of family & friends. Big up to my homie, my Co-Defendant known as A-FS which stands for Alienated From Society. A-FS does not believe in Xmas and I can respect that but I wanna say Happy New Year to him as well.
Aiight, down to biz once again re PTC mixes. I was the Guest House DJ at the Viper Room on the 28th, 30TH  and NYE. I had a blast with all & thank you Viper Room for the bookings. Evidence headlined the 28th show with DJ Rhettmatic doing his thizzle on the 1’s & 2’s as well. The 30th show had Dirt Nasty headlining & NYE had R&B/Rapper Leslie Ryan rockin with his band.  Big up to Vanjess and Urban Decay who rocked it as well during their sets.
Thanx to the Videographer who accidently unplugged my turntable as I was in the mix & recording on NYE. I was 30 mins into my set. Shit happens but that will tell ya, never try and plug/unplug nothing near the DJ when he’s in the mix. Enough talk now. Let’z get into the music. PEACE in 2013!!!! And thank you 2012!!!!
-DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mix #72  Features:
Dec 28th @ The Viper Room
1)      De La Soul
2)      A Tribe Called Quest
3)      Heavy D
4)      Gang Starr
5)      KRS-ONE
6)      Mobb Deep
7)      Puff Daddy
8)      Sadat X
9)      EPMD
10)   Big Noyd
11)   Capone & Noreiga
12)   Xzibit
13)   Royal Flush
14)   Brown Bag All-Stars feat., DJ Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies Crew)
15)   Showbiz & A.G.
16)   Derek Strong
17)   DJ Lord Ron feat., Guru (Gang Starr)
18)   Longevity
19)   Kam
Part Two
20)   Cameo
21)   Group Home
22)   The Emotions
23)   Big Daddy Kane
24)   Melvin Bliss
25)   Ultramagnetic MC’s
26)   James Brown
27)   Lord Finesse
28)   7Th Wonder
29)   The Sugarhill Gang
30)   Roy Ayers
31)   Triple Ace
32)   The Impressions
33)   HumanBeings ( Produced by DJ Lord Ron)
34)   Brick
35)   Dana Dane
36)   Tanya Gardner
37)   The Treacherous Three
38)   De La Soul
39)   Zapp
40)   The Invitations
41)   De La Soul
42)   Average White Band
43)   Eric B & Rakim
44)   Bob James
45)   Jeru Da Damaja
PTC Mix #72 Features:
Dec 30th @ The Viper Room
1)      I-Power
2)      Lord Finesse (Instrumental)
3)      Guru Freestyle
4)      Mr. Lif & Guru Freestyle
5)      Mobb Deep
6)      Snoop Dogg
7)      Large Professor (Instrumental)
8)      Mr. Brady
9)      Del The Funky Homosapien
10)   Teflon
11)   Rebels To The Grain
12)   Arrested Development
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Part One
Part Two
Part Three


Peace, peace. Season’s greetings to you and your families. This is the last PTC Mix for the year of 2012. I wanted to bang out new jointz and rock the mix for at least two hours or I should say I did start my Serato mix. One of my Serato records is scratched, errrrrrr!…so I had to resort back to the basics of wax, yea that vinyl. Enjoy this 53 minute mix. The Gin & Juice kept my flow going along with the Egg rolls from Yee’s. Happy Holidayz!!!! Merry X-mas!!!! Look out for Mix #72 with ALL new jointz in 2013. I’m out and feeling good on this dranky drank. Hahahaha!….Wassup A-FS!
Mix #71 (Vinyl Set) Features:
1) Large Professor
2) Jurassic 5
3) Black Moon
4) Cash Money Click
5) Nas
6) Mobb Deep
7) Jeru Da Damaja
8) Jazzy Jeff
9) Five Steez, Mellow Man Ace, Lil Dap & John Robinson Drops
10) Blaq Poet
11) C Rayz Walz feat., Vordul Mega
12)Kurtis Blow
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Aiight, what’z up my people’z….here is PTC Mix #70 for ya dome piece. This year of 2012 is pretty much a wrap. On behalf of myself and A-FS. We want to big you up and salute to you…you…you & you for the thorough support. It’z appreciate it. Looking forward to 2013 and rockin’ with everybody. PEACE & HAPPY HOLIDAYZ!! All the best to man, woman & child who have been hit hard by “Sandy” back East. May the most high be with you & shine divine light on you as you recover to get your life back to normality.
                            –DJ Lord Ron
Mix #70 features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) NC Abram Drop
3) Royal Flush (DJ Lord Ron Produced Remix)
4) Doxola feat., A-FS, NC Abram & No Sleep
5) Lil Fame & Termanology
6) Kev Hutch
7) Derek Strong Drop
8) Astro Vandalist feat., Derek Strong
9) GZA feat., Killah Priest
10) Bronson & DJ Izzy
11) Dirty Bars Crew Drop
12) Lil Fame & Termanology
13) Mykill Miers feat., LMNO
14) Rasco feat., Pody Mouf
15) Soul King Drop
16) Soul King
17) Bin Yaqub Grim & Pow Anoli Shadowz
18) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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Yoooooo what’z good to my peoples. Back from the Bay Area and I wanna give a shout out to Kinto Sol who rocked the Elbo Room in San Francisco. Shout to the legendary Fred Wesley who rocked the Mezzanine club with his new JB’s and with three original  legends who were a part of James Brown’s rhythm section in Jabo Starks, Fred Thomas & Clyde Stubblefield. In the meantime, this short quick 21 minute live mix from the Cohibas club in Long Beach was recorded on October 30, 2012. I’ll be back with a new PTC Mix of all new jointz next week. Peace & rock on into the future of four more with President Obama. Stand up and be accountable with your votes. Word!
                           –DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mix #69 features:
1) O.C.
6) BIG L
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Peace to Krumb Snatcha the Ahki who I met first and produced on in 2002/2003 & from that experience I met the great Guru (R.I.P.). Krumb is one of the illest to roc mics and write rhymes plus a good brudda of mine. Fall back and relax on this laid back mix with Boston’s very own yo. Big up to the W.O.L.V.E.S., Law-Town, WU-Tang DJs/Wu Management. Big up to the LEGACY of the Gang Starr Foundation 4eva…..this dedication mix to Krumb Snatcha was done back in January/2012 & big up to A-FS for the add on. Rock this in ya iPods!
                            —DJ Lord Ron
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Yoooooooo…peace to you & you & yours. I’m back from my tour and it’z that time to get back to these weekly mixes for the hardcore hip hop headz. Some ill new jointz for ya ears & iPods. Rock this freestyle mix with me. PEACE….Wassup A-FS!
PTC Mix #67 features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) N.C. Abram Intro Drop
3) DJ Lord Ron feat., Gavlyn
4) Doxola feat., A-FS 201-973, N.C. Abram & No Sleep
5) Kendrick Lamar
6) Five Steez Drop
7) Five Steez feat., Nomad Carlos & Bobby Bob
8) Beat Bop Scholar feat., Sadat X
9) Mykill Miers feat., LMNO
10) Soul King Drop
11) Soul King
12) Beat Bop Scholar feat., Craig G
13) DJ Breeze feat., Pawz One
14) Lil Fame & Termanology feat., Styles P & Busta Rhymes
15) Yeski
16) The Zzyzzx Drop
17) The Zzyzzx
18) Bin Yaqub Grim & Pow Anoli Shadowz
19) The Audible Doctor feat., Blacastan & Wise Intelligent
20) Montage One
21) Born Allah alias Daddy Grace feat., DJ Mark Luv
22) Eloh Kush of Angelz Inc.
23) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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the fall is here, wassup ya’ll…my mind is in a fog as i write this…as i still gotta dig thru some records (vinyl) for the beat swap in chicago…too much to do but little time to do it…complaining?…nope…just thinking out loud…didn’t wanna do this new ptc mix 2nite…but i gather up some energy to knock it out so i can focus on gettin shit 2gether for these chi town gigs…a freestyle ptc mix like all the rest…won’t say that anymore or i may say it..hahaha…it’z about the musik we givin’ u….word up….thanx for ridin’ with us all year as go in2 the end of season’s end…damn holidays are right down the street…aiight…it’z gettin late and i gotta forward this mix to a-fs so he can do his thizzle and get it to you…it’z a lotta dope musik out…support…buy…purchase…peace.
                       — dj lord ron
PTC MIX #66 Features:
1) dj lord ron signin’ on
2) gee-o drop
3) bad company
4) gee-o remix feat., gang starr
5) gee-o remix feat., cobane
6) born allah aka daddy grace feat., dj mark luv
7) lil dap
8) lil dap drop
9) brian james
10) gavlyn (produced by dj lord ron)
11) lil fame & termanology feat., styles p & busta rhymes
12) d-strong drop
13) d-strong & dave sparkz
14) mad flow
15) mad flow drop
16) gavlyn
17) montage one
18) five steez drop
19) five steez
20) kool keith
21) redman
22) eloh kush of the angelz inc.
23) dj lord ron signin’ off
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Peace, peace. The work, hustle, grind or whatever u call it don’t stop. That’z just being an adult and responsible. Ya dig? Continue to rock the vote with me as I strive to tour the U.S.A. at best but taking time out my busy schedule to do this new mix of classic and new jointz. Big up to A-FS and check his new musik video at In closing until the next PTC mix. Just remember this. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! GET YOURS!!!!
                            —DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mix #65 features
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Gee-O Intro Drop
3) Brian James
4) Artifacts
5) The Lords Of The Underground
6) DJ Lord Ron Feat., Akil The MC
7) Mellow Man Ace Drop
8) Cazal Organism Feat. Nick Mizell
9) NC Abram
10) Lil Dap
11) Lil Dap Drop
12) Big Noyd
13) Mobb Deep
14) John Robinson Drop
15) Scienz Of Life
16) M.O.P
17) Mad Flow Drop
18) Mad Flow
19) Tabernacle MCz Feat., Big Arch
20) Rich Malone Feat.,Prome & Dopest Dame
21) Five Steez Drop
22) Five Steez
23) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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Yoooo…What’z good. About time this mix is made available for you to download from my homie A-FS. I’ll be heading back to Los Angeles from the Bay Area. I stay one step ahead re multi-tasking my biz. This mix was done on Wed.,nite. Big up to A-FS for the add on.
I had to do justice for one of the game’s best crooners ever in the Rap/Hip Hop biz. Nate Dogg, R.I.P. and thanx for the musik over the years. Gone too soon but never forgotten by your love ones and fans. Salute G!
Let’z get into this 1HR/8Min mix. No tracklist nor names of artists. Just tune in and open ya ears to the musik of Nate Dogg. I’m outro!
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