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We are f**kin’ back!!!…or I should say me cause A-FS is always right & exact with the PTC biz. Yea I had a laptop issue for a quick minute but my shit is repaired now and looks brand spankin’ new. Now I’m back to DJ biz with giving you these mixes and we are gunnin’ for 100 plus mixtapes. It was time to get back to a dedication mixtape and I set it off this Summer with the 3 man crew from New Jersey…ya damn skippy…Naughty By Nature. Rock ya Summer well…very well. I’m outro & will be back with new musik on the next mix. Peace!!
                                                                     —DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Dedication Mixtape
Featuring Hip Hop Icons, Naughty By Nature
No tracklist….just enjoy the musik. Big up to you, you & YOU for supporting PTC!
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