Preserving The Culture Mix 97 By D.J. Lord Ron 1/13/14

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Culture, D.J. Lord Ron, Exclusive!, Hip Hop, Music, New Ish
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Temptations Pimp Look 
Here is the first mixtape for the new year & PTC is 3 away from the BIG 100!!. #97 is about new and past joints. We appreciate your ears no doubt. Once again, happy new year & ride with PTC for the seasons cause it’s about the art…the musik. Peace to you and you!

                               -DJ Lord Ron

PTC Mixtape #97 features the artists:

1) Preserving The Culture Intro (Produced by DJ Lord Ron)

2) Ellis

3) NC Abram

4) Amari Mar

5) Agallah feat., Masta Ace

6) Richard Pryor

7) Ellis

8) Dred Scott

9) Danny Brown

10) DJ Premier Instrumental

11) Eloh Kush PTC Drop

12) Agallah feat., J-Liquor

13) Ellis feat., Legin

14) PTC Outro!!

Download Link:

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