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Yoooooo what’z good to my peoples. Back from the Bay Area and I wanna give a shout out to Kinto Sol who rocked the Elbo Room in San Francisco. Shout to the legendary Fred Wesley who rocked the Mezzanine club with his new JB’s and with three original  legends who were a part of James Brown’s rhythm section in Jabo Starks, Fred Thomas & Clyde Stubblefield. In the meantime, this short quick 21 minute live mix from the Cohibas club in Long Beach was recorded on October 30, 2012. I’ll be back with a new PTC Mix of all new jointz next week. Peace & rock on into the future of four more with President Obama. Stand up and be accountable with your votes. Word!
                           –DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mix #69 features:
1) O.C.
6) BIG L
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Peace, this week PTC is going back to the Summer of 2010, July 9th to be right and exact. This is a LIVE!!! mix at Urban Underground Weekly in LA at the Airliner club. Tune in now with this archived 1 hour/50 minute live freestyle mix. Big up to UUW and the Airliner and mos def the people who come out and support!
                              –DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mix #63 features:
1) Ice Cube
2) House of Pain
3) Dogg Pound
4) Tupac
5) DJ Lord Ron emcee to the crowd
6) Charles Bronson
7) DJ Lord Ron/JiJi emcee to the crowd
8) Scatter Brain feat., Magz
9) DJ Lord Ron/Scatter Brain/MC Ducer emcee to the crowd
10) One Way
11) Parliment
12) Parliment
13) Steve Arrington
14) Rick James
15) The JB’s
16) Spoonie Gee
17) T-Ski Valley
18) James Brown
19) Main Source
20) Ice Cube
21) Kam
22) Kam
23) Gang Starr
24) Scatter Brain
25) Gang Starr
26) Jeru Da Damaja
27) Pete Rock
28) Jay Dilla Tribute
29) Nas feat., AZ
30) Jay Z
31) Jeru Da Damaja
32) EPMD
33) Sadat X
34) The Legion
35) Pete Rock feat., MC Eiht
36) Pete Rock feat., Heavy D & Beenie Man
37) A Tribe Called Quest
38) The Fugees
39) P Brothers feat., Money Boss Players
40) Cypress Hill
41) Foxy Brown
42) KRS-One feat., Puffy Combs
43) MC Eiht
44) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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