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Peace, peace. Season’s greetings to you and your families. This is the last PTC Mix for the year of 2012. I wanted to bang out new jointz and rock the mix for at least two hours or I should say I did start my Serato mix. One of my Serato records is scratched, errrrrrr!…so I had to resort back to the basics of wax, yea that vinyl. Enjoy this 53 minute mix. The Gin & Juice kept my flow going along with the Egg rolls from Yee’s. Happy Holidayz!!!! Merry X-mas!!!! Look out for Mix #72 with ALL new jointz in 2013. I’m out and feeling good on this dranky drank. Hahahaha!….Wassup A-FS!
Mix #71 (Vinyl Set) Features:
1) Large Professor
2) Jurassic 5
3) Black Moon
4) Cash Money Click
5) Nas
6) Mobb Deep
7) Jeru Da Damaja
8) Jazzy Jeff
9) Five Steez, Mellow Man Ace, Lil Dap & John Robinson Drops
10) Blaq Poet
11) C Rayz Walz feat., Vordul Mega
12)Kurtis Blow
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New Jersey Indie Rapper A-FS 201-973 will donate earnings from record sales to San Lazaros Homeless Shelter In Los Angeles, Ca. in January. A-FS has been campaigning since the beginning of December with various Youtube and Facebook vlogs explaining his concern for the homeless and how he would like to contribute to the los Angeles shelter. “I was Homeless back home in Jersey city during the winter, So I know” States The Rapper. He also states that he will film his “Day Of Donation” and hopes to inspire others to follow suit. You can find A-FS 201-973’s Music on all major online Music retailers and his official website¬†