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Peace, peace. Here is PTC Mixtape #80. Warm it up with us. Rock this nicely in ya iPod system. Check the fly features. I’m outro.
                             –DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mixtape Features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Wildelux Drop
3) Tek Tha Supah Latin
4) N.O.R.E. feat., Large Pro
5) DJ Quik
6) KRS-One
7) Dana Scott Drop
8) Foci
9) D Strong & Macapella
10) D-Sew
11) Eloh Kush Drop
12) A-FS 201-973
13) Big Doxx feat., Nobi, Akir, Cardo Mosley
14) Dawn Gun
15) Percee P
16) The Zzyzzx Drop
17) Lord Baltimore feat., Don Streat
18) Megaphone feat., True Solja
19) I’m outro
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Last Wednesday we had the pleasure to be guests on “The Rap Project” over at offices with Host D Bracks and if you think that episode one of preserving The Culture with Percee had alot of hip hop knowledge…. Tune In To This and hear the gems drop non stop and I even put my 2 cents in and talk about my emcee’n and more…..I gotta say D Bracks held it down on this. Much love to the whole Rap Project Crew! I-ight y’all Tune In And Enjoy! – A-FS 201-973

Download Link:

First Vlog…..Remember y’all all Preserving The Culture Podcasts can be found on Itunes! -A-FS 201-973

The Legendary Percee P Hits you with a classic!!! Directed By Ivan Ives!!! Enjoy!!! – A-FS 201-973

Here’s Footage Of The Legendary Rhyme Inspector Percee P Performing and schooling Kats On Some Hip Hop History @ Fat Beats LA For the Closing Week with OG PlayBoy Eddie Popping and ya homeboy A-FS 201-973 backing Him up. Jus a lil Hip Hop For y’all…….Check It!!!! – A-FS


Skills Mastered

I’m Just That Bad


The Man To Praise

Walk With Me (Percee’s Verse)

Stay Focused (A-FS 201-973 Ft. Percee P)

Closing Acapella

For all you people who like documentaries.Check out all 3 episodes that’s airing right now!Much thanks to Mr.Sphere who featured me as well in this webseries. Sincerely, Percee P

A film that features Percee P,Lord Finesse,ShowBiz and AG,Party Arty,D-Flow and Edan.Shot right where I grew up in Patterson Projects and Mott Haven Projects. Google search the title for the whole film. Sincerely, Percee P

Official Video For A-FS 201-973 New Single Featuring Percee P Called “Stay Focused” – A-FS

This is a video of the Legendary Rhyme Inspector Percee P Spitting with Fat Joe & Eminem On Two different occasions on Getoe Tv with Geerad X!!! Emcees Take Notes! – A-FS