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Toasting it up with the Jack Daniels on this nite & paying homage to Guru by listening to music. Everybody knows how much he gave to hip hop culture.  Spark ya lighters up and toast ya glasses for Guru. He lives forever. Big up to the Elam family.
PTC Mix #81 Feat.,
1) Toasted DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Marco Polo feat., Talib Kweli & DJ Premier
3) Wildelux
4) Krumb Snatcha aka K.S. feat., Guru & Sonic
5) Gallo The Great, SoSoon, Mad-Man Da God, Inna Oye, Da Capital G.P. & Nigh Time
6) Maestro Fresh Wes feat., Saukrates
7) Meyhem Lauren
8) Tek Da Supah Latin
9) Papoose feat., Mobb Deep
10) Lil Dap Drop
11) Group Home feat., Jeru Da Damaja
12) K-Hill
13) DJ Lord Ron feat., Willmatic aka Wildelux
14) Gensu & Planet Asia
15) Lord Baltimore feat., Don Streat
16) Gang Starr
17) I’m Outro and Toasted!!!!!!!

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Peace, peace. Here is PTC Mixtape #80. Warm it up with us. Rock this nicely in ya iPod system. Check the fly features. I’m outro.
                             –DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mixtape Features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Wildelux Drop
3) Tek Tha Supah Latin
4) N.O.R.E. feat., Large Pro
5) DJ Quik
6) KRS-One
7) Dana Scott Drop
8) Foci
9) D Strong & Macapella
10) D-Sew
11) Eloh Kush Drop
12) A-FS 201-973
13) Big Doxx feat., Nobi, Akir, Cardo Mosley
14) Dawn Gun
15) Percee P
16) The Zzyzzx Drop
17) Lord Baltimore feat., Don Streat
18) Megaphone feat., True Solja
19) I’m outro
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Peace, peace. Just made this new mix of new musik while watching Wichita vs. Louisville. No matter the outcome of this game. You gotta give it up for those SHOCKERS. I like seeing the under dog come outta no where and win. That’s my mentally as a DJ. BREAK the under dog and see them win with their art of music. I like Michigan in the 2nd game against Syracuse and to win it all (N.C.A.A. championship). Here is all new music on this mix. I’m outro! Big up to A-FS!
                                    –DJ Lord Ron
1) DJ Lord Ron signin on
3) A-FS Drop
4) Big Doxx feat., Nobi, Akir, Cardo Mosley
5) N.O.R.E. feat., Large Professor
6) Foci
7) Mellow Man Ace Drop
8) Jakk Frost & Malik B
9) D Strong & Macapella
10) Durag Dynasty
11) Dawn Gun
12) Kamala feat., Shabaam Sahdeeq (DJ Ready Cee, El-Gant & Parakhan)
13) Scienz Of Life (Interlude)
14) A-FS 201-973
15) Showbiz & A.G.
16) Lil Dap of the Group Home Drop
17) Durag Dynasty
18) Foci
19) I’m outro
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Peace to all. No new music on this go around. That will be on #79. This DJ freestyle mix from me is nothing but the wax, the vinyl. This is my element of rockin’ hardcore street fly music in the chamber of a club, hip hop style. Look out for new dedications and tributes comin soon too. Thanx for ridin’ with us. Win with us as we are gunnin’ for 100 +!!!! mixtapes. Aiight. Let’z get into the music. Your ears are appreciated. Word!
                                 –DJ Lord Ron
PTC #78 Features the artists:
1) Gee-O signin’ on
2) NY Confidential
3) The High & Mighty
4) Royce 5’9 & DJ Premier
5) Organized Konfusion
6) Cormega
7) KRS-ONE, Zack De La Rocha & The Last Emperor
8) Dred Scott
9) Thirstin Howl III & Master Fuol
10) D.I.T.C.
11) NYGz
12) Organized Konfusion
13) Eric B & Rakim
14) Beastie Boys
15) I’m Outro
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