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Peace…let’z get into the music. Gaining on 100!…Let’z go…turn ya system up to this freestyle DJ mix by your’s truly. I wanna say wassup to the Fall season…word. Outro for now but shall return!!
                                                                         —DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mixtape #91 feature these artists:
1) Preserving The Culture Intro (Produced by DJ Lord Ron)
2) Charmingly Ghetto Drop
3) Fantastic Five & Cold Crush Brothers
5) Chubb Rock
6) Chill Rob G
7) John Robinson Drop
8) Medusa
9) H.A.P.H.
10) Nas & DJ Premier
11) Agallah Drop
12) Agallah feat., Pop Off
13) Spox PhD
14) Charmingly Ghetto
15) Incksalonius
16) PTC Outro!
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Peace, peace….We’re closing this Summer out with a new mixtape of new musik for ya ears indeed. Continue to ride with us as we head into a new Fall season & gunnin’ for 100 + mixtapes. Aiight, let’z get into the joints. I’m outro.
                                                                       –DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mixtape features the artists:
1) PTC Mixtape Intro & Gee-O Drop   ( PTC Mixtape Intro Track/Written Produced by DJ Lord Ron)
2) Tupac
3) MC Eiht
4) Don Bishop Agallah feat., Supernatural
5) Barsha feat., AG
6) DJ Bob E of Kill Radio/SenDiddy Drop
7) Nutso feat., Rasheed Chappell, AG Da Coroner, C-Rayz Walz & Smiley The Ghetto Child
8) Bumpy Knuckles
9) FiveSteez feat., Inztinkz (Gee-O Remix)
10) Richard Pryor Skit
11) Don Bishop Agallah Drop
12) Don Bishop Agallah feat., Pop Off
13) Jeru Da Damaja (Produced by Large Professor)
14) Incksalonius
15) E-Holla feat., Otis Clapp
16) Outro
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Peace, peace. Thanx for ridin’ with A-FS and myself as we give you the classic joints and breakin’ these new joints. Summer is about done but this mix has some new dope joints for you to bang out in ya systems. 11 away from 100!!!+. And we give thanx!
                                                                          —- DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mixtape #89 Features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Gee-O Intro Drop
3) C Rayz Walz feat., L.I.F.E. Long, John Robinson & Jasiri X
4) DJ Dister feat., Kool Keith
5) Pawz One, Default & DJ Breeze
6) Derek Strong Drop
7) DJ Dister feat., Lil Dap
8) Jeru Da Damaja (Produced by Large Pro)
9) K.S. aka Krumbsnatcha
10) Wildelux Drop
11) Doxola
12) Jack The Ripper (Of Brainsick Mob)
13) Lil Dap
14) Audible Doctor feat., Edo G
15) Soul King Drop
16) FiveSteez feat., Inztinkz – Propheticz (Gee-O Remix)
17) DJ Dister feat., Maffew Ragazino
18) Rapsody (Produced by DJ Premier)
19) Pawz One, Default & DJ Breeze
20) Wyld Bunch feat., Hannibal Stax & Venom
21) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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Back again with a new peace to you…you…and you. Let’z get into some new jointz. Rock ya Summer well and stay fluid up. Aiight. Let the musik play. We’re outro until next time as we are gunnin’ for 100 mixes! Shout out to A-FS!
                                                                       —-DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mixtape #87 features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Gee-O Drop
3) Tony Touch feat., Black Thought
4) Wyld Bunch feat., Hannibal Stax & Venom
5) DJ Bob E Drop
6) Tony Touch feat., Raekwon, JD Era, Ghostface Killah & RZA
7) The Incomparable Shakespeare
8) Tony Touch feat., Too Short, Xzibit, & Kurrupt
9) Derek Strong Drop
10) Bumpy Knuckles
11) OG Bape & Supreme feat., Sentry
12) Marco Polo feat., MC Eiht
13) ReziDox
14) Charmingly Ghetto feat., ATG
15) Jack The Ripper
16) John Robinson & Kyo Itachi
17) Wildelux Drop
18) Skyzoo
19) Wyld Bunch feat., H. Lloyd, Oxygen, DJ Djaz & DJ Brans
20) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off

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Here is #86 with new jointz for you as presented by the man him self A-FS. When u see A-FS in the streetz, give the man his props for adding these mixes. One should alwayz give the credit where it’s due. Aiight, let’z get into the musik. A shout to the indie hip hop scene. Yes, yes.
PTC dedicates this mixtape to Mr. Jim Kelly (R.I.P.) A GRAND MASTER 4EVER!!!
PTC Mixtape #86 Features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Gee-O Drop
3) Tony Touch feat., D-Stroy & DJ Premier
4) Bumpy Knuckles
5) John Robinson & Kyo Itachi
6) John Robinson Drop
7) Tabernacle MCz
8) Prodigy & Alchemist
9) Dap
10) Dap Drop
11) Charmingly Ghetto feat., Omar Aura
12) Fredo Starr feat., Makem Pay, DJ Nelson & Audible Doctor
13) Audimatic (The Audible Doctor & Maticulous)
14) Wyld Bunch feat., Roc Marciano
15) Sauce Money feat., DJ Premier
16) Ja The Gift
17) Koncept Drop
18) Charmingly Ghetto
19) Maylay Sage feat., ReziDox
20) Audimatic (The Audible Doctor & Maticulous)
21) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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We are f**kin’ back!!!…or I should say me cause A-FS is always right & exact with the PTC biz. Yea I had a laptop issue for a quick minute but my shit is repaired now and looks brand spankin’ new. Now I’m back to DJ biz with giving you these mixes and we are gunnin’ for 100 plus mixtapes. It was time to get back to a dedication mixtape and I set it off this Summer with the 3 man crew from New Jersey…ya damn skippy…Naughty By Nature. Rock ya Summer well…very well. I’m outro & will be back with new musik on the next mix. Peace!!
                                                                     —DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Dedication Mixtape
Featuring Hip Hop Icons, Naughty By Nature
No tracklist….just enjoy the musik. Big up to you, you & YOU for supporting PTC!
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Yoooooooooooooo….wassup to my peoples. I’m sorry for the late delay re getting this new mix out to ya. My glass has been on the rocks with Jack Daniels keepin’ my taste smooth cool as I did this new mixtape tonite. I’m about to hit vacation of visiting the South for two weeks. No music biz. Just vacation with some family of mine. I’m about to get back to my Jack Daniels on ice & catch me a good movie yo. Enjoy the mix. See all in two weeks with a new mixtape. #84!! Big up to all of you. Salute to my homie A-FS for adding this mixes up. I’m outro with the drunkness. Hahahaha.
                                                                           —-DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mixtape #83 Features:
1) dj lord ron signin’ on
2) gee-o drop
3) buckshot lefonque & dj premier
4) marco polo feat., rakim & reggie b
5) lil dap
6) tha dogg pound
7) d-strong & macapella
8) jahbaton
9) dana scott drop
10) c rayz walz feat., moe green
11) dynasty
12) krumbsnatcha aka k.s.
13) bumpy knuckles feat., sy ari tha kid
14) aliso black
15) soul king drop
16) tabernacle mc’z
17) marco polo feat., torae & ruste juxx
18) gallo the great, sosoon, mad-man da god, inna oye, da capital g.p. & nigh time
19) ja da gift
20) five steez drop
21) doxola & ink rezin
22) gensu dean & planet asia feat.,  david banner & tragedy khadafi
23) bumpy knuckles feat., christopher williams
24) a-fs 201-973
25) d-strong & macapella
26) i’m outro!!!!!! jack daniels steelo’
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Peace, peace! PTC is back again as we continue that quest for 100! Aiight let’s get into the music of classics and new jointz, breakin’ music the right way when it comes to a mixtape. A DJ in the mix with no gimmicks, just a freestyle mix. That’s wassup. No mixing?? No mixtape!!! We respect the codes over here. Word up!
PTC Mixtape #82 Features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Gee-O Drop
3) Marco Polo feat., Lil Fame (Of M.O.P)
4) A Tribe Called Quest
5) Gallo The Great, SoSoon, Mad-Man Da God, Inna Oye, Da Capital G.P. & Nigh Time
6) Dana Scott Drop
7) The Skinny Boys
8) Whodini
9) Bumpy Knuckles feat., Sy Ari The Kid
10) De La Soul
11) Richard Pryor
12) Eloh Kush Drop
13) Hannibal feat.,  Eloh Kush, Kamakaz & Yasin
14) Marco Polo feat., Big Daddy Kane
15) K-Hill
16) Mayhem Lauren
17) Trek Life & Duke Westlake
18) I’m outro!
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Toasting it up with the Jack Daniels on this nite & paying homage to Guru by listening to music. Everybody knows how much he gave to hip hop culture.  Spark ya lighters up and toast ya glasses for Guru. He lives forever. Big up to the Elam family.
PTC Mix #81 Feat.,
1) Toasted DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Marco Polo feat., Talib Kweli & DJ Premier
3) Wildelux
4) Krumb Snatcha aka K.S. feat., Guru & Sonic
5) Gallo The Great, SoSoon, Mad-Man Da God, Inna Oye, Da Capital G.P. & Nigh Time
6) Maestro Fresh Wes feat., Saukrates
7) Meyhem Lauren
8) Tek Da Supah Latin
9) Papoose feat., Mobb Deep
10) Lil Dap Drop
11) Group Home feat., Jeru Da Damaja
12) K-Hill
13) DJ Lord Ron feat., Willmatic aka Wildelux
14) Gensu & Planet Asia
15) Lord Baltimore feat., Don Streat
16) Gang Starr
17) I’m Outro and Toasted!!!!!!!

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Peace, peace. Here is PTC Mixtape #80. Warm it up with us. Rock this nicely in ya iPod system. Check the fly features. I’m outro.
                             –DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mixtape Features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Wildelux Drop
3) Tek Tha Supah Latin
4) N.O.R.E. feat., Large Pro
5) DJ Quik
6) KRS-One
7) Dana Scott Drop
8) Foci
9) D Strong & Macapella
10) D-Sew
11) Eloh Kush Drop
12) A-FS 201-973
13) Big Doxx feat., Nobi, Akir, Cardo Mosley
14) Dawn Gun
15) Percee P
16) The Zzyzzx Drop
17) Lord Baltimore feat., Don Streat
18) Megaphone feat., True Solja
19) I’m outro
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