Preserving The Culture Mix 88 By D.J. Lord Ron 8/05/13

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Classick!, Culture, D.J. Lord Ron, Exclusive!, Hip Hop, Music
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Yes, yes. PTC is back with another sure shot. Turn ya volume UP!!!! and wild out to this mix, as the Summer is coming to a closed season but it ain’t over yet. Power to the people. Peace!……..And oh yea, this is a DJ freestyle mix like the other 87 mixes. Salute to the true DJs!!!
                                                                    —DJ Lord Ron
PTC #88 Mixtape features:
This Mixtape is dedicated to my brother Triple Ace who is a OG B-Boy from the late 70’s to now. Word!
1) Tek Da Supah Latin
2) Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
3) Big Daddy Kane
4) Tek Da Supah Latin, Dawn Gun & Derek Strong PTC Drop
5) Eric B & Rakim
6) Roxanne Shanté
7) Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
8) LL Cool J
9) Five Steez PTC Drop
10) Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
11) Ice T & The Rhyme Syndicate Posse
12) Eric B & Rakim
13) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off….
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