Preserving The Culture Mix 75 By D.J. Lord Ron 3/25/13

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Classick!, Culture, D.J. Lord Ron, Exclusive!, Hip Hop, Live Show, Music, New Ish
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Live from the Viper Room!! The Greygoose and Cranberry juice had me feeling good & I wanted to break NEW music to the hip hop heads who parlayed with me in the Viper Room lounge. Big up to Australia who was in the house thick. Aiight, let’s get into the music. Peace.
                                  –DJ Lord Ron
 PTC Mix #75 Features these artists:
1)DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2)Guru feat., Donald Byrd (R.I.P.)
3)Gee-O Drop
4)Gee-O feat., KRS ONE (Remix)
5)Charmingly Ghetto
6)Mykill Miers
7)Wildelux Drop
8)D Strong feat., Blacastan
10)Group Home
11)Lil Dap Drop
13)J-57 feat., Nitty Scott MC
14)A-FS 201-973 Drop
15)Dawn Gun
17)Audible Doctor feat., Has-Lo
18)Quelle Chris & DJ House Shoes
19)DJ Mills Drop
20)Dynasty Durag Click (Planet Asia, Killer Ben & Tri-State)
21)Richard Pryor
22)2Pac Interlude
23)Joey BadA$$ feat., Big K.R.I.T. & Smoke Dza
24)DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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