Preserving The Culture Mix 73 By D.J. Lord Ron 1/31/13

Posted: January 31, 2013 in D.J. Lord Ron, Exclusive!, Hip Hop, Music, New Ish
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Peace, peace everybody! We’re back with the new mixes for 2013. Mix #73 has all new jointz and let’s get into it right now. Thanx for rockin’ with us here on PTC. Big up to A-FS and you, the listeners.
Mixtape #73 Features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signs on
2) Gee-O Drop
3) Brown Bag All-Stars feat., DJ Rhettmatic
4) Showbiz & A.G.
5) Justo The MC
6) Wildelux Drop
7) DJ Lord Jazz feat., Aarophat
8) Oxygen
9) John Robinson Drop
10) Longevity feat., Double K of People Under The Stairs
11) Doxola
12) Showbiz & A.G.
13) Five Steez Drop
14) The Sickest Drama feat., Nomad Carlos & Five Steez
15) Curtis Mayfield Drop
16) Big Doxx feat., Bossie Mossie
17) Wyld Bunch & DJ Qvali
18) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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