Preserving The Culture Mix 71 By D.J. Lord Ron 12/22/12

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Classick!, Culture, D.J. Lord Ron, Hip Hop, Music, Podcast
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Peace, peace. Season’s greetings to you and your families. This is the last PTC Mix for the year of 2012. I wanted to bang out new jointz and rock the mix for at least two hours or I should say I did start my Serato mix. One of my Serato records is scratched, errrrrrr!…so I had to resort back to the basics of wax, yea that vinyl. Enjoy this 53 minute mix. The Gin & Juice kept my flow going along with the Egg rolls from Yee’s. Happy Holidayz!!!! Merry X-mas!!!! Look out for Mix #72 with ALL new jointz in 2013. I’m out and feeling good on this dranky drank. Hahahaha!….Wassup A-FS!
Mix #71 (Vinyl Set) Features:
1) Large Professor
2) Jurassic 5
3) Black Moon
4) Cash Money Click
5) Nas
6) Mobb Deep
7) Jeru Da Damaja
8) Jazzy Jeff
9) Five Steez, Mellow Man Ace, Lil Dap & John Robinson Drops
10) Blaq Poet
11) C Rayz Walz feat., Vordul Mega
12)Kurtis Blow
Download Links:

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