PTC MIx 60 Michael Jackson Tribute By D.J. Lord Ron 8-29-12

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Classick!, Culture, Exclusive!, Music
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Peace, peace. That name “Michael Jackson”…..what did his musical art mean to me? It meant powerful soul from deeeep down that was felt straight from the root. Michael Jackson’s music embodies a powerful gift from the most high that is unmatched even today in R&B or POP.  I dedicate this tribute to M.J. by spinnin’ some of MY favorite jointz he recorded as a solo artist and of course with his brothers, the Jackson 5. Michael was the definition of being epic as an artist. He embodied perfection with his creative art & his strong passion to entertain the world. There will never be another Michael Jackson. Never. We salute MJ all day here at PTC. Happy birthday and R.I.P.  SIR MIKE!!
                                                                                              —-DJ Lord Ron
Note: No Tracklist. I do that for a reason. I will always want to take people on a surprised musical journey with my ears/choice tunes. Remember, I’m spinnin’ some of my favorite jointz from M.J. in his honor. Rock with me. I swear I’ll keep it SOULFUL. Hahahaha.
Download Links:
  1. “This MJ Mix is BANANAS Bruv! Word Up! Love how you dug deep for the Gems that we don’t get to hear from Mike all day long! Bless!”

    “Michael Jackson Tribute Mix by @djlordron Really Dope Mix! He definitely Dug deep for the Gems!!!”

  2. “DJ Lord Ron aka Michael LaRon Stringer is one of my favorite DJs. He’s been on RadioSendiddy a couple of times, has brought mad spitters on the show, and he even got new needles (finally!). Be sure to check out his mixes, they are good stuff:

    PTC Michael Jackson Tribute Mix #60 by DJ Lord Ron


  3. Sherman Westby (Homie of LaRon aka DJ Lord Ron since 1970) says:

    Wow… The mix was off da chain fam…nice touch with the mixin’ & scratchin’ too. MJ left behind a nice body of work. He was – nah IS – the man; way ahead of his time. I miss those Jackson 5 days too. Did you catch those MJ specials on BET and fuse?…nice work fam. Keep up the good work online; nice links. Thx

  4. Dope! Been missing him lately. 🙂 🙂

  5. GEE-O says:

    “Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!!!!!! Michael LaRon Stringer DJ LordRon has done a special mix for the King Of Pop!!!! Check it out and download :)”

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