Preserving The Culture Mix 59 By D.J. Lord Ron 8/28/12

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Classick!, Culture, Exclusive!, Hip Hop, Music, New Ish, Podcast
Yoooooooo! That pigskin is in the air but we don’t eat pork but we love that football! A pre-season game here and there plus some baseball as they are gunnin’ for that pennant run and u have that end of Summer madness. You get my meaning?…speaking of madness. I got some dope jewelz for you right here in the mix. All NEW 2thou12 jointz for ya listenin’. Big up to A-FS and check his interviews and more new interviews are in store soon. Stay tuned. Aiight, let’z roll out or parlay with this mix. PEACE.
                              -DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mix #59 features these artists:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Gee-O Drop
3) Gee-O feat., B.I.G., Tupac & Big L (Remix)
4) Montage One feat., Killer Ben & Planet Asia
5) Jungle Brothers
6) Dominion
7) Pack FM
8) Ramaj Eroc
9) Big Shug
10) Lil Dap Drop
11) Lil Dap
12) Five Steez
13) The Zzyzzy Drop
14) The Zzyzzy
15) Timeless Truth
16) Lost Things
17) DJ Lord Ron’s Old Skool Funky Rhythm Scratch (DJs, We Gotta Make It)
18) Dellue
19) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
Download Links:
  1. “Lord Ron DJ’s some of the illest mixes.”


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