Preserving The Culture Mix 56 By D.J. Lord Ron 7/21/12

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Classick!, Culture, D.J. Lord Ron, Exclusive!, Hip Hop, Music, New Ish, Podcast
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Peace, peace. We’re back with a new mix from your’s truly. Big up to A-FS who is working hard on the PTC Blog page to bring you all the mixes and interviews for your enjoyment and educational purposes. There is a lot of dope musik out here. Sure the wack outweighs of what many hear in 2012 but when u hear that dope joint or album, go out and buy it. Support it thoroughly. Follow us on Twitter @PTC1973NOV
Aiight….let’z get into some new musik. Thanx for rockin’ with us. I’m out but shall return like the morning sun. Enjoy your HOT Summer! Word!
                                    —DJ Lord Ron
1) A-FS Signin’ On
2) D-Strong aka Derek Strong
3) Lost Things
4) YU
5) JaDox aka Doxola
6) Nas Feat., Large Professor
7) Yeski aka Y.E.S.K.I. Anomiks
8) JaDox
9) Rick Ross Feat., Dr. Dre & Jay Z
10) Wyld Bunch
11) D-Strong Feat., Chinch 33
12) YU
13) Nas
14) DJ Lord Ron Feat., Wildelux
15) A-FS Signin’ Off

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  1. DJ Mills says:


    Loving the mix. I haven’t heard an underground hip-hop dope mix like this in a hot minute man. Was listening to it while studying. This is what underground is supposed to sound like and not what some weirdos out there are putting out and calling “underground”. Keep it up, I’m glad you’re still doing it. Peace out….

    DJ Mills

  2. Sounds Soul Sonic says:

    Boo Yah! Thnx L.R. I’m diggin these mixes and the movement! Werd up fam!

  3. Yeski says:

    thx for puttin me on the Mix56…RESPECT BIG HOMIE.

  4. Shane Soul Sonic says:

    These are great mixes L.R. DJ Lord Ron, Google the name beotches!

  5. John Robinson says:

    Peace King! Yo this new mix is Dope!! Nice selections

  6. Kym stronger says:

    Great post u put up for mike Jackson RLP , we love..

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