Percee P @ Fat Beats L.A. (Closing Week)

Posted: September 25, 2010 in A-FS, Culture, Exclusive!, Hip Hop, Live Show, Music, New Ish, Percee P
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Here’s Footage Of The Legendary Rhyme Inspector Percee P Performing and schooling Kats On Some Hip Hop History @ Fat Beats LA For the Closing Week with OG PlayBoy Eddie Popping and ya homeboy A-FS 201-973 backing Him up. Jus a lil Hip Hop For y’all…….Check It!!!! – A-FS


Skills Mastered

I’m Just That Bad


The Man To Praise

Walk With Me (Percee’s Verse)

Stay Focused (A-FS 201-973 Ft. Percee P)

Closing Acapella

  1. Thomas Visee says:

    Yo What Up AFS! This is Thomas. Percee P told me to check out your blog last sunday when I was talking to him at Fat Beats! I’m the one who uploaded these videos to youtube. Peace!

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